Berapa Harga Toyota Avanza, kok laris manis...
Berapa Harga Toyota Avanza, kok laris manis...
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Varian warna pilihan Yoyota Avanza

Short Description:
Sales of multipurpose vehicles (multi purpose vehicle / MPV) Avanza soared 61.6% in January-April 2010 to 46 837 units, as well as the largest contributor to sales of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM).

Assuming the car sales during the first 4 months of this year through 238,200 units, Toyota Avanza still survive as best-selling car in Indonesia with over 20.5% market share of automobiles.

Agus Prajitno, Marketing Division Head Auto2000-leading distributor of Toyota in Indonesia, said demand for the Avanza is still good and the company continue to press the pivot for this model, more than 2 months to about 1 month.

"We [Auto2000] hopes to sell 10,000 units per month or year Avanza can penetrate 120,000 units. Avanza good demand. In addition to this model, the Yaris also leads to number 1,000 units," he told Bisnis yesterday.

During April, Auto2000 sell 18,794 units of Toyota vehicles in Indonesia.

TAM strengthen the MPV market in this low class by presenting the latest variant of the Avanza 1.3 E automatic transmission is priced Rp143, 6 million per unit on the road in Jakarta. Last year, Toyota launched its 1.3 G variant with automatic transmission.

With the 1.3 E, all variants of Toyota Avanza ranging from type E, G, and S, are all present in the choice of manual and automatic transmission.

Needs will be assessed an automatic transmission so that the higher the Avanza 1.3 E automatic transmission is expected to provide more choice to customers. "The need for customers is the main thing," said president director Johnny Darmawan TAM.

Toyota's brand-new product has been distributed throughout the dealership network in the early months. In April, TAM Avanza retail sales recorded as many as 12 216 units that boost Toyota's sales performance during the last month to 23,831 units.

"This type of automatic transmission still accounted for 10% of sales Avanza. Consumers we still concern on the issue price of Rp 10 million difference between manual and automatic transmissions," said Prajitno.

Exciting market

Attendance Avanza 3.1 E automatic car market is expected to stimulate national slid 1.7% in April from the previous month. However, compared with the same month last year April sales jumped 85.5%.

Avanza addition, TAM states Indonesia Kijang Innova family car while maintaining the performance of retail sales with the numbers 4539 units or up approximately 1% compared with the previous month.

Do not miss the Toyota Fortuner which a total score increase of 1% to 914 units compared with the previous.

In the commercial class, the Toyota Dyna pocketed a 13.1% increase in sales of 966 units.

Daftar harga Toyota-Avanza dari delaer resmi Indonesia:
Model Type Price

Avanza 1.3 E M/T Minor Change Rp. 133,600,000
Avanza 1.3 G M/T Minor Change Rp. 148,050,000
Avanza 1.3 G A/T Minor Change Rp. 158,050,000
Avanza 1.5 S M/T Minor Change Rp. 161,000,000
Avanza 1.5 S A/T Minor Change Rp. 171,000,000
Avanza 1.3 E A/T Rp. 143,600,000
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